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Frequently Asked
Questions & Answers

SOMa Creative Media Group
  • What Services Do You Provide?
    We aren't just a simple video for hire service. Though we can be contracted for certain events to just show up for and hand off footage our service is an intimate one. Videos are a strong form of communication and representation. Anyone can shoot a video. We are storytellers. We look deep within each company and individual. We’ll go through an adaptation process, making sure we bring to life the story that our client wants to tell, making sure to reach the audience they want to reach in an effective way that mirrors their goals.
  • What Makes Your Services Unique?
    We have experience in corporate, live event, broadcast & commercial formats. We are a home grown team of individuals that have combined our resources. We LISTEN to what our client’s needs and wants are. We then take our clients through our creative process and determine a plan within their budget that will allow us to collaborate and create an incredible video representation of their vision.
  • Who Do You Work With?
    Corporations, marketing companies, large and small corporate and broadcast live events, pharmaceuticals companies, communication companies, media companies, local small businesses, trade show companies, restaurant/entertainment chains, gyms, physical therapy centers, churches, temples, synagogues and religious organizations, professional sports organizations, NHL, NBA, NFL etc.
  • Where Are You Located?
    We are located at 2 Franklin Terrace, South Orange, NJ 07079 but we can travel pretty much anywhere in the USA to film. Contact us today to get a scope of your project!
  • How Much Experience Do You Have?
    We each have 20-30 years of experience in production. Together we have the skills, experience and resources to facilitate current, high end competitive videos. We are targeting high end corporate and commercial videos, along with corporate live events. We handle every step of the way from pre production through post production. We help portray each individual's vision. You tell the story. We bring it to life. We hire all the right people and handle all the necessary permitting, equipment, locations etc. in order to handle your personal production needs. We are a turnkey solution.
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