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Our Video Production Process

SOMa Creative Media Group
Business Meeting

Identify Your Goals

Every brand has its own unique set of goals. It is not uncommon for individuals and organizations to have trouble identifying those goals when approaching a video project.  We identify and align ourselves with them from beginning to end and assure that they are clearly presented in a visual manner.  We get to know you and your brand and make sure you are able to lay out the right groundwork for a great project ahead!

Business Meeting

Create a Scope of Work

The framework for each individual project is never underestimated.  Much like an architect drawing out every detail of a new construction site, we do the same for each project. A great deal of detail must be done in the preproduction process to ensure a successful journey.

Team Meeting

Review Project Overview & Goals

Aligning your goals to the project at hand is a necessary step that ensures we are working together to meet your brand objectives, meet your expectations and tell the story you set out to explain.


Create a Task list

After these important initial steps we’ll determine what it takes to achieve your goals. A list of actions needed to execute your project from start to finish will be created and put into an agreement.  This includes a list of personnel along with a detailed outline of the work involved in each individual project.  Whether it is a single camera project or a multicam event with a large crew we account for all the actions that must be put into place and how they’ll be carried out.


Build Schedules & Timelines

With our scope of work now identified and layed out we partner with you to create a detailed schedule, based on availability and needs, allowing us to put an effective plan into action.

Business Plan


With our scope of work now defined, we begin putting together all the essential pieces needed to bring your story to life. Together, or on our own if preferred, we'll begin securing everything we need to do. This involves obtaining our inhouse staff of professionals from camera and lighting to hair and make-up personnel and actors when needed. We'll scout locations, acquire permits if necessary, plan weather contingencies, prepare for unforeseen variables and make sure we're ready for a successful shoot ahead!

Photo Studio Lights

Prelight & Build Sets

Every project requires a period of build time.  While some may take just a few hours, others may take several days.  Whatever the case may be we take a careful and calculated approach in our setups.  We use the highest broadcast level equipment on all our shoots. We pay close attention to the advantages and limitations of each location and work within those parameters to create a great workspace.  Proper setup is crucial to achieving the professional look we set out to achieve. Practicing safe methods of work is paramount.

Image by Alexander Dummer

Ready, Set, Shoot

After much preparation we are ready for action!  Our expert production, cinematography, lighting and audio teams all work in unison bringing your story to life.  With decades of experience at every level we create a comfortable and often exciting environment, delivering a professional on-set experience.  All the preparation we put into this partnership allows us to capture an experience that represents your brand giving us the content needed to align with your goals for each individual project at hand.

Post Production in Process

Post Production

Now that the content has been captured, it is time to truly bring your story to life.  This is where the magic happens!  Our post production team ingests the footage and begins stringing it together to build a polished representation of your vision.  During this process many of our clients choose to be very involved in the day to day workflow.  Others simply choose to let our team make the decisions on how to tell the story.  In either case we continue our process to the very end, bringing your story to life and ultimately delivering you a product you can be proud of working as a powerful extension of your brand goals.

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